Architectural Feasibility Study Services

Consulting services for a feasibility study and technical tender support

Arcline Architecture offers consulting services for the feasibility study as part of the planning process

The Feasibility stage of the project will typically involve the following phases:

Initial Meeting

  • Meet with the prospective clients to discuss their requirements and needs for the project.
  • Discuss and determine the clients budget and timescale so that Arcline Architecture can produce a scheme which suits their cost and time requirements while also adding value to the existing property.
  • Evaluate the existing site and its constraints, as to establish the potential of the project.

Project Brief

  • Development of the project brief. The brief defines the key design parameters of the project and is developed collaboratively with the client to inform them of what the project is to accomplish; formulated following an analysis of the client’s requirements, budget and site constraints.

Site Survey

  • A full detailed measured survey; carried out of the existing property and grounds so that Arcline Architecture have a full set of CAD plans, elevations and sections to assist in developing the proposed design.

Design Development

  • Once the design brief has been agreed upon and the site survey had been completed Arcline Architecture will use these documents and drawings to prepare a series of initial design ideas; typically consisting of floor plans and external elevations.
  • The preparation of the initial designs establishes a discussion between the client and Arcline Architecture, enabling the design to change and improve following involvement of the client’s own ideas and aspirations. This process successfully enables Arcline Architecture to produce a scheme which meets the client’s needs exactly.