list of tender specifications for roof tiling
Architectural Tender Specification For Build Projects

Once Building Control approval has been confirmed, Arcline Architecture can be appointed to manage the Tender specification stages of the project, this will typically involve the following:

  • Preparation of a Scope of Works and Specification. These documents break down the construction phase into the different stages and provide details of all materials, standards, and workmanship to successfully complete the project. Preparation of a detailed Scope of Works and Specification enables accurate and comparable pricing for the tender phase, providing the client with a piece of mind on the final project cost and timescales.
  • Invitation of tenders. Once all tender documentation has been completed we will invite potential tenders following an analysis of their past projects and performance. This method provides the client with confidence that the invited tenders are capable and committed to the on any areas of concern. Following a full appraisal of each tender, an informed decision can be made on which contractor to appoint.
  • Arcline Architecture can act as your agent for the project, administering the building contract between the client and the appointed contractor while also agreeing on timescales, completion, costs and any variations to the contract.
  • Tender analysis. Once all the tenders have been returned Arcline Architecture will review the pricing and perform value