couple looking at architectural designs

Benefits of Appointing an Architect

Carrying out any construction work can appear very overwhelming to most people, that’s where appointing an architect can help with the whole process and offer peace of mind.

Whether you are reconfiguring an existing house, proposing to construct an extension or even building a new home, you need to appoint the best team to plan, design and build your project in the most efficient way, so recruiting a good architect should be your first point of call.

Innovative solutions

As a professional, an architect is specifically trained and certified to work on the planning and design of buildings. Drawing on years of experience and training, the architect can provide innovative solutions to the client’s briefs, analysing the clients existing lifestyle and requirements to prepare a design which reflects how the client lives and how they intend to use the space.

Guidance throughout the process

Like any project, it is important to be both realistic and pragmatic, so as a client it is wise to use the professional knowledge and experience of a certified architect. The architect will help you realise the potential of your project, but also successfully guide you through the key steps of the project from the complex planning permission process to helping facilitate contractual agreements between the client and builder.

Flexible service

At Arcline Architecture we provide a flexible service to our clients, enabling the client to appoint us for only the specific services they require. Fees for our services are provided at a fixed price from the project inception so that you will know from the outset the cost of our services; helping you to budget the project.

For instance, if you already have a builder you intend to use for the project, Arcline Architecture can be appointed to only draw up the plans and obtain planning and building regulation consent for you. On the other hand, if you are unsure in managing a project yourself, Arcline Architecture can provide you with tender and project management services to ensure that the build is being constructed on time and to budget while also to a high quality.

Well-designed project

The services Arcline Architecture provides extends far beyond simple drawings and design, once the build has begun, Arcline Architecture can ensure that the builders accurately follow the drawings while also assessing the quality of the builder’s workmanship. Using Arcline Architecture guarantees a well-designed project from its inception to completion and can also help add value to your property, whereas an ill-advised and badly designed project can add unnecessary expense.

Arcline Architecture services include:

  • Meet with you and your family to assist you in developing a clear design brief; based upon your requirements, project aspirations, site, and budget.

  • Develop innovative design solutions in response to the project brief; aiming to reduce costs while also providing a selection of ideas which will add value to the property.
  • Prepare necessary drawings and documents for planning approval and to achieve permission upon the first submission; saving the client money, time and stress.
  • Submit drawings and documentation for Planning Approval and liaise with the local planning authority to provide additional information if necessary.
  • Will prepare the construction drawings and documentation to obtain Building Control approval once planning approval has been obtained.
  • Provide advice on good quality consultants and contractors based on previous working relationships.
  • Assemble the required project team, finding the most suitable consultants and contractors to build the project within the available budget and timescales while also managing the tender stages of the project and value engineering the quotes.
  • Co-ordinate and manage the project team throughout the design and construction stages in accordance with relevant legislation until the project is completed.
  • Review and manage the project timescale, budget, construction process, contractors and any other problems that may arise while on site.
  • Bring added value to your project and maximising your initial investment.